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Small nonprofits use countbubble
to thrive


Reporting your impact is hard when you’re juggling spreadsheets. countbubble makes it easy so you can focus on your mission.

Small nonprofits have unique data management challenges...

  • We track program data with a bunch of spreadsheets.

  • Grant reports are a big headache because we have to gather data from a hundred places.

  • Our case notes are a mess, or we just don't bother with them because it's too hard.

  • We don't have time or money to spend on a new client database.

  • We are not data experts.

and spreadsheets are part of the problem

  • You miss out on new funding opportunities because its too hard to track new data or add new services.

  • You spend hours combining spreadsheets and cleaning data to submit grant reports

  • Case notes are a pain to record, update, and review.

  • Your data feels like an burden you tow around, not an asset you can leverage.

countbubble helps small nonprofits
turn data into an asset


If you work at a small nonprofit, then countbubble was designed with you in mind. We understand your challenges because we have experienced many of them ourselves. 

We know you don't have a data-analytics team, countless hours to learn a complex new data system, or a bunch of extra money to pay for software.


You need case management software that's easy to learn and affordable.

countbubble is data management simplified, and it's perfect for small nonprofits. 

  • The Form Builder lets you build data collection forms, so you can track outputs and outcomes.

  • You can quickly build custom case plans and coaching plans, so you can help your clients thrive. 

  • Reports and exports save you time, and you don't need to be a data expert to use them. 

Imagine spending more time on your mission and less time fussing with data.  countbubble can help you do that.

Small nonprofits need simplified
solutions to their unique challenges


Small nonprofits have to do more with less - less time, money, and staff. 

But, there's no shortage of passion for your mission.


With fewer resources,  how are you supposed to adopt a new data system? After all, you need money, time, and staff to get it going. 


We know. Small nonprofits like yours feel stuck. 

countbubble started because of our experiences with limited resources, small teams, but big ambitions. 


It is the ideal data collection software for your small nonprofit because we specialize in helping small nonprofits track and use data effectively. 

We give small nonprofits a better, simplified way to track their services and report their outcomes.  

Start your journey with countbubble

Try countbubble free for 30 days, or contact us to start a no-pressure conversation. 

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