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case management software for
human service nonprofits


countbubble empowers small human service nonprofits to track services and report their impact. 

Reporting your impact is hard when you’re juggling spreadsheets. countbubble makes it easy so you can focus your mission.

nonprofit data management is simplified
with countbubble


countbubble is easy to learn and use. It's simplified by design. 

  • simplified: Easy to navigate and understand. Big buttons and clear labels means countbubble just makes sense.

  • simplified: Each feature is thoughtfully designed to make data collection easier and faster at your nonprofit.

  • simplified: Our pricing is clear and affordable for small nonprofits.

  • simplified: countbubble is flexible and powerful, but you don't need to be a data expert.

countbubble software is simple and affordable

  • Say goodbye to countless spreadsheets.

    • countbubble is thoughtfully designed to be simple to learn and use - including volunteers and new staff. 

    • Easily manage participants (aka clients), programs, data tracking, and more. 

  • Plans start at $15 per month per user

Manage Participant page with example partcipant profile. Includes Side Navigation buttons (on left) along with Particpant Demographics and additional infor(e.g. basic income and expenses)
Form Builder Page with a set of Form element buttons on the left (e.g. Header, Text, Number, Radio Button) and a "Financial Stability Assessment" form being built on the right.  The form contains 8 fileds, and each field has buttons to Move, Edit, or Delete the field.

Build forms to track the data you need

  • Quickly create forms to track the data you need with our intuitive form builder. 

    • Track program outputs and key outcomes with just a few clicks.

    • Build rich assessments to learn about participants and track their progress. 

  • Build unlimited forms and update them whenever you need to. 

  • No data expertise is required.

We do things differently with countbubble


Don't spend thousands of dollars just to get started. 

countbubble doesn't require a big upfront payment.


Sure, you can ask us for extra support for extra cost, but you don't have to - and we hope you don't need it.  Our detailed how-to guides can help you get started on your own, and we're here if you need us.

Create flexible case management plans

  • Create custom Plans (i.e. case plans or coaching plans) to track participant progress.

    • Create custom goals and due dates

    • Add Tasks to track key milestones

    • Record goal status to measure your program's impact.

  • Plans make case management simpler and help you stay organized​

    • Review goals that are overdue and due soon for all participants

Plans page with example case management plan. Plan shows two goals. The first goal includes 3 tasks to be completed
Notes Feed with three case notes and options to search notes or add a new note

The Notes feed saves you time

  • Case notes are organized for you 

    • Create notes anywhere in countbubble and view them in one place

    • Upload documents with case notes to provide helpful context.

  • View and edit case notes in one place to save time with case management and data tracking.​

    • Notes are searchable by date or keyword.

We do things differently with countbubble

Don't get locked in to long-term contracts just to get a discount.

We won't lock you into a long contract, and we won't ask you to pay for a year just to give a discount. Our price is the price because it's fair. 

Use reports to tell your nonprofit's story

  • countbubble Reports save you time.

    • Generate built-in reports to view participant demographics, outputs, and  key results instantly. 

    • Export your data when you need it to do your own deeper dive. 

Demographics report showing Unduplicated Participants, Unduplicated People, table with Age and Ethinicity counts and percentages

Learn how countbubble can help you simplify your data so you can focus on your mission

Try countbubble free for 30 days, or send us a message to start a no-pressure conversation.

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