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About Us

Reporting your impact is hard when you’re juggling spreadsheets. countbubble makes it easy so you can focus on your mission. 

Years of experience working with nonprofit data taught us how hard it is for nonprofits to collect and report data using paper files, spreadsheets, and other "make-do" solutions. This approach wastes our most precious resources - our time and our passion. 


We built countbubble to make powerful case management and reporting tools widely accessible to social services nonprofits. We do that by making countbubble as simple, flexible, and affordable as possible.

Our Purpose

We contribute to the public good by building great software for people who serve the public good.

Our Team

Ryan Brooks in front of a red brick wall.

Ryan Brooks


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I help nonprofits be successful by listening and providing support. Before starting countbubble, I worked in nonprofits doing data collection, analysis, and reporting for 10+ years. My dream is that countbubble will be more than just a software company - rather we will help nurture nonprofits so they can thrive.

simple sketch of brain cross section from above

Uriah McCanna

Founder, Tech Lead

I build stuff. Not with wood and nails, but with code. If you said "build me a table", then I'd ask if you mean a data table, a physical table, or a digital image of a physical table... I don't build physical tables, so I hope you don't mean a physical table. I know a good handyman if you need a physical table. He's very affordable. At countbubble, I bring ideas to life by building an app that's fast, secure, and accessible. That's all code just though. An "app" is not a funny name for a door handle or a lock box

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