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countbubble is case management software for nonprofits

Reporting your impact is hard when you're juggling spreadsheets. countbubble makes it easy so you can focus on your mission.

Case Plans are easy to build and use

Example Case Plan example with  2 goals and 2 tasks shown

Plans Reports help you manage client goals

Plans Report-Overdue goals.png

Human service is complex...

In human service, the  strengths and goals of your participants vary widely. Each client has unique strengths, goals, opportunities, and emotional needs. 

You need to track time, services provided, case notes, achievements, outcomes, and so much more.  

You have planned meetings, unplanned meetings, late night text messages, and remarkable successes. ​

Your case management software should makit simpler.

Spreadsheets and paper files seem free, but they are not. 


Using multiple spreadsheets and documents to track results and case notes is not free. It costs you time. 

Struggling to find the important case notes for a participant is not free. It costs you stress. 

Falling behind on to-dos because your records are messy is not free. It leads to burnout. 

It costs you so much than money when you try to manage all of this data with spreadsheets or paper files.

countbubble simplifies data data management so your can focus on your participants. 

How countbubble helps case management programs

Case Management is simplified with countbubble.

With countbubble, you can help your participants identify their path to success and support them on the journey.

  • Develop flexible case plans and coaching plans with your participants.

  • Set custom goals and target completion dates, add to-do items to goals, and track goal completion.

  • Take notes and review them any time. The Notes Feed will keep your notes organized and easy to find.

countbubble also helps you manage your work by showing you goals that are overdue and due soon. 

Finally, our Form Builder enables you to build the forms to track the data you need to show your impact. countbubble makes it easy for your nonprofit track outputs, outcomes, and time spent delivering services.

countbubble can make case management simpler

Case management is challenging, and messy data makes it harder to simply do good work.  

We understand.


We've used great data collection software. We've also stared at spreadsheets for hours - deleting duplicate rows, one-by-one. 

We created countbubble so that you can afford powerful data collection software for your nonprofit.  Your program data can be an asset, not a burden.

countbubble helps nonprofits like yours simplify case management, track services, and report outcomes.  

Start your journey with countbubble

Try countbubble free for 30 days, or contact us to start a no-pressure conversation. 

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