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case management software for
human services nonprofits


Reporting your impact is hard when you’re juggling spreadsheets. countbubble makes it easy so you can focus on your mission.

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Spend less time managing data and more time on your mission.  

We built countbubble to be powerful, affordable, simplified data collection software that's ideal for small nonprofits.

Is tracking your nonprofit's impact stressful and time consuming?

  • Does it take way too long to figure out how many people you serve?

  • Do you miss funding opportunities because data management is too time consuming or complex?

  • Do you juggle numerous spreadsheets just to hold it together?

  • Are your case notes a mess?

  • Are you worried that switching to new case management software will be too expensive or time consuming?

Nonprofits turn data challenges into strengths with countbubble

Save Time and Resources

Save countless hours and headaches creating simple reports. 


Respond to data requests faster and with less effort.

Stay Organized

Your data is securely stored in one place and easy to find when you need it. 


Case notes are well organized and searchable.

You Can Do This!

countbubble was designed for nonprofits with small teams and tight budgets.


Your team can quickly learn to use it. No data expertise is needed.  

Data management is simplified with countbubble.

Case management, tracking outcomes, reviewing case notes, and reporting your nonprofit's results don't need to be complicated.

countbubble is data management simplified.


It's easy to learn and use, and flexible enough to track the data that your nonprofit needs. 

Example of Form used to track financial assistance date, amount, and associated Notes
Report of Services - includes total submissions, unduplicated participants, unduplicated people, and summary tables of services and demographics

We understand your data challenges and we can overcome them together

We've been in your shoes

We've worked with "make do" solutions and spent countless hours juggling spreadsheets. 


We know what it's like to look for new data management software for our nonprofit and to think "that's too expensive" or "that's too complicated for us - it'll never work". 

We can help you move forward

We have more than a decade of experience tracking and reporting data in nonprofits and just as much experience creating great software. 


We specialize in nurturing smaller nonprofits as you go from struggling with tracking and reporting your nonprofit's data to mastering it. 

Some of our customers include a multi-service organization in eastern Ohio, a community college on the west coast, and a small mentoring program for high school seniors.

Are you ready to solve your case management and data challenges with countbubble's help?  Getting started is simple:

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up for a free 30 day trial. No obligations. No credit card needed.

Step 2: Learn the Basics

Get started on your own with self-help guides, or contact us for a free onboarding session.

Step 3: Data Gets Easier

Collect data, create case plans, and run reports easily with countbubble.

Can Case Management Software Propel Your Nonprofit Forward?

At countbubble, we know you want to improve the lives of the people you serve. To do that, you need data about your work to get donations and  grants. The problem is collecting and reporting data is too time consuming and stressful when you use spreadsheets or paper files.

Small nonprofits with tight budgets and tiny teams do so much with so little. You provide food, clothing, shelter, mentors, guidance, and much more. But, you shouldn't have to waste time with inefficient data software just because it's free. You deserve better so you can focus on what matters!   


We get it. We've juggled spreadsheets and struggled with data because we didn’t have good data collection software for our nonprofit. countbubble can help you. Our team has a decade of experience collecting, analyzing, and reporting nonprofit data, and years of experience making great software.  

Here’s how it works. (1) Sign up for a free 30-day trial. (2) Learn about countbubble on your own or with our help. (3) Build some forms and start collecting data.  Start your free trial today, so you can stop wasting time and stress using spreadsheets and start  driving your mission forward with countbubble.  

countbubble has everything you need to track and report your nonprofit's impact. 


Create custom forms and case management  plans for your programs.


Track clients, outputs, outcomes, and case plans in one place.


Generate reports instantly to tell your story to donors and funders.

Unlimited Forms

Build all of the forms and case plans you need

Powerful Reports

Automatic reports to save you time

It's Your Data

Export your data when you need it

Easy Setup

Data expertise is not required. Anyone can do it

Nothing Up Front

No large up front payments required


Plans start at $15 per month

Still not sure if case management software is right for you?

It will be too complicated to get started.

We understand that feeling. It can feel like big step to adopt a new way of managing your nonprofit's data. We're here to help you get started and to provide support so you will succeed. 

We don't do case management. 

That's ok! countbubble  can help you track and report data on your outputs, outcomes, and participants. Sure, you can create custom case plans in countbubble, but there are plenty of features to help your nonprofit manage your program data. 

It's too expensive for us. We're a small nonprofit.

With plans starting at $15/user per month, countbubble isn't free.  Spreadsheets are practically free. It's can be a tough pill to swallow. 

But, think about how much time, stress, and frustration it costs you to mess with spreadsheets. Instead of doing the work that matters most, you're combing through data or counting names.

We've tried to make countbubble one of the most affordable data tracking tools on the market that will deliver you the most value for your money

I doubt it will work for us.

countbubble is a great tool for lots of nonprofits - especially smaller nonprofits that offer multiple services - but it might not be the best fit for yours.  

Contact Us to schedule a meeting so we can figure that out together. We won't pressure you. If we think countbubble isn't a good fit for you, then we'll let you know.

Or, just try countbubble free for 30 days to find out for yourself. In a few hours, you can build some forms, create case plans, track data,  and run reports.

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