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multi-service nonprofits manage complex data easily with countbubble 

Reporting your impact is hard when you're juggling spreadsheets. countbubble makes it easy so you can focus on your mission.

countbubble helps multi-service nonprofits track and report their impact. 

Easily build forms with one question or dozens.


Create as many forms as you need* to track your services and programs, outputs and outcomes.

Job Obtained Form.png

*unlimited forms available with a paid plan.

Create flexible profiles for your participants.

Use built-in and custom demographic fields to create a rich profile for your participants 

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Multi-service Organization Have Unique Data Challenges

When your services are as varied as your participants, it can be hard to answer basic questions.


  • How many unduplicated people did you serve last year?

  • How many people used your pantry and received financial assistance?

  • How many people where enrolled for longer than 6 months?

If a funder needed an answer to one of these questions in the next 60 minutes, would it send you into a panic?

These questions can take hours to answer when your data is stored in spreadsheets. 

Maybe worse, they can take so long to answer, you might avoid asking them in the first place.

We Simplify your complex data so you can deliver great services

Spreadsheets rob you of time, energy, and curiosity. 

If it takes hours to answer the simple question "how many people did we serve?", how much time will it take to dive even deeper?

With countbubble, it's easy to collect data (thanks to our flexible form builder), and it's easy to report data

  • You can answer critical questions

  • You can respond to funders faster 

  • You can focus on your work, not your spreadsheets

What's more, countbubble delivers unparalleled value to nonprofits by making our tools simple and affordable. 

countbubble simplifies data data management so your can focus on your participants. 

How countbubble helps multi-service nonprofits manage complex data

Your nonprofit addresses so many needs for so many people. With a mix of services that range from brief interactions to ongoing case management, your work is varied and so is your data.  

Data complexity is simplified with countbubble.


Our reports make it easy for you to generate the reports you need - saving you hours, so you can focus on your mission. 

countbubble makes simplifies data management for multi-service nonprofits

It's hard to report data to funders when you have a complex web of programs, services, participants, funders, and timelines.

It can take hours to simply answer the question: how many people did we serve last year? Especially when that data is stored in a bunch of spreadsheets. 

countbubble can answer that question in seconds

We created countbubble so that you can afford powerful data management software for your nonprofit. 

countbubble will simplify tracking and reporting for multi-service nonprofits so you can focus so you can spend more time supporting your community.   

Start your journey with countbubble

Try countbubble free for 30 days, or contact us to start a no-pressure conversation. 

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